How To Get A Hoodie String back in?

A hoodie’s string is an iconic feature that serves more than one purpose. It holds the hood in place around the wearer’s face to keep them warm. Tying the strings also allows someone to securely close the hood opening when desired. Without their string, a hoodie would lose its key ability to hood in or hood out based on the wearer’s changing needs

Has your hoodie string come loose and fallen out, leaving the hood dangling open? Don’t fret, getting it back in is simple. Just thread the end of the string through the hood hole and pull it all the way through. Tie a double knot and trim any excess. Now your hoodie is restored to full functionality, keeping you cozy again with hood in or hood out at your convenience.

Getting a hoodie string back inside the hood is an easy fix. First, locate the string ends protruding from the small fabric casing on the inside of the hood. Carefully thread one end of Shrink A Hoodie all the way through the casing opening until only a few inches remain outside. Pull it taut and tie a secure knot to hold it in place. Your hoodie is now fully operational once more.

How To Put String Back In Hoodie

 Put String Back In Hoodie

Losing the string from your hoodie can be annoying but replacing it is simple. First find the little fabric casing that holds one end of the string. Carefully feed one end of the string back through this casing until a few inches are left out.

Pull the string taut while holding the hood opening so it doesn’t slip back out. Tie a tight double knot to secure A Hoodie String firmly in place once more. Your hood will now stay up nicely keeping you warm and comfortable again. A quick fix rejoins the loose string for hoodie bliss.

1. Pull out drawstring fully from hoodie

drawstring fully from hoodie

If the knot has come undone or your hoodie’s  A Hoodie String is jammed inside, you may need to pull it out fully for repair. Check both holes where the string exits and poke around until you find the knotted ends. Carefully pull each string piece by piece through the fabric tunnel.

Once the entire A Hoodie String has been removed, you can fix any damage or reknot it neatly. When ready to reinsert, thread one end all the way back through until a few inches remain outside either hole. This will allow easy retying so your hoodie’s drawstring works like new.

2. Secure large safety pin to drawstring

Secure large safety pin to drawstring
  • Pull the drawstring fully out of the hoodie if both ends have come loose.
  • Open a large, sturdy safety pin so the clasp is in the open position.
  • Thread one end of the drawstring through the opening of the safety pin.
  • Securely close the pin so it firmly grips the drawstring end.
  • Repeat for the other loose drawstring end if applicable.
  • Reinsert a drawstring into the hoodie by feeding the pinned end through the casing hole.
  • Pull the string taut and tie a knot above the safety pin to hold it securely in place.
  • The pin prevents the drawstring end from slipping back into the hood while rethreading.
  • Once reinserted, remove the pin and your drawstring is refastened.
  • This is a quick temporary fix until a new permanent knot can be tied.

3. Insert the safety pin into hoodie eyelet

To put the hoodie string back in, simply insert the safety pin into the hoodie eyelet. This will guide the string through smoothly, making it easier to re-thread. Once the safety pin is securely in place, gently pull the string through until it’s completely back in the hoodie.

Remember, patience is key when inserting the safety pin into the hoodie eyelet. Slow and steady movements ensure that the string goes back in without any snags or tangles. With a little effort, you’ll have your hoodie string back in place, ready for your next cozy wear.

4. Hold safety pin and scrunch fabric over it

scrunch fabric over

Use a large safety pin to tempt hold the end of the loose A Hoodie String back in the hood. Pull the string end through the open pin to grip it securely. Scrunch some of the fabric around the pin to close off excess space in the hood casing.

This keeps the pinned string end from slipping back out prematurely. Now slide the scrunched fabric and pinned string together back through the casing hole. Gently tug the string to fully reinsert it, then tie a tight knot above the pin. Your drawstring is reattached easily and temporarily until a strong permanent knot can be tied.

5. Continue bunching the fabric over safety pin

Slip the safety pin, gripped with its A Hoodie String back in, back into the casing hole. Gently wiggle and twist it through the opening while continuing to bunch up fabric around the pinhead. This seals up space to stop the string from escaping prematurely.

Keep manipulating the safety pin and compacted fabric together until fully retreating through the casing. Then tug the string taut while sliding the pin out, pulling the drawstring end with it on the inside. Knot tightly above to finally secure A Hoodie String back in the hoodie once more.

6. Pull drawstrings to match lengths Hoodie String

  • Pull both ends of the drawstrings completely out of the hoodie.
  • Lay the strings flat next to each other on a surface.
  • Pull on one end of each string until they are the same length.
  • This is like adjusting the idle mixture screw on a “lean a lawn mower carburetor” to balance fuel levels.
  • Knot the strings at the equalized length so they are uniformly matched.
  • When reinserted, the matched lengths will sit neatly inside the hood.
  • No excess bulk from uneven strings that could jam in the casing.
  • Reinsert threaded ends together until only a few inches extend outside.
  • Knot securely to finalize the process and return balanced drawstrings to the hoodie.

Optional Tools To Use

To put a string back in a hoodie, first, turn the hoodie inside out to access the string channel easily. Then, attach a safety pin to one end of the string and thread it through the channel, gently pulling it all the way around until it comes out the other side.

Optionally, you can use a straw or a paperclip instead of a safety pin to guide the string through the channel smoothly. Simply insert the straw or paperclip through the channel, attach the string, and carefully maneuver it through. This method can be helpful for those without a safety pin readily available.

1. Use a bodkin Hoodie String back in

Use a bodkin

To rethread a Hoodie String, use a bodkin: It effortlessly guides the string back in, making the process smooth and quick. A bodkin simplifies the task of threading with its slender, easy-to-handle design.

2. Use a straw

When you use a straw, remember to keep it in the right place. It’s like pulling a hoodie string back in; it keeps everything neat and tidy. So, sip your drink gently, and keep this keyword Shrink A Hoodie close.

3. Use a bent wire hanger

bent wire hanger

To put a hoodie string back in, use a bent wire hanger. Simply straighten out the hanger, attach the string to it, and gently guide it through the hoodie’s channel. This method makes re-threading effortless and quick.

4. Use a rounded pen cap

When writing, consider using a rounded pen cap. It prevents poking accidents and adds comfort to your grip. Your fingers will appreciate the smooth experience.


How do you put a drawstring back in a hoodie?

To put a drawstring back in a hoodie, use a safety pin to guide it through the opening, carefully threading it through the channel.

How do you reinsert a drawstring?

Reinsert a drawstring by attaching a safety pin to one end and guiding it through the channel of the hoodie.

How do you fix a pull string on a hoodie?

Fix a pull string on a hoodie by threading it through the channel using a safety pin or a needle and thread.

How do you get string back in pants?

Get a string back in pants by using a safety pin to guide it through the waistband or drawstring channel.

What can I do about loose strings on my clothes?

Deal with loose strings on your clothes by carefully trimming them with scissors to prevent further unraveling.


retrieving a hoodie string is a simple task that anyone can master with a bit of patience and technique. By following the step-by-step methods outlined, individuals can effortlessly rethread a hoodie string back into its designated channel. Whether using a safety pin, straw, or hairpin, the process remains straightforward and accessible to all, making it a manageable DIY fix for a common wardrobe woe.

Overall, mastering the art of getting a hoodie string back in not only saves time and money but also empowers individuals to take control of minor clothing mishaps. With a few easy-to-find tools and a gentle touch, anyone can restore functionality and style to their favorite hooded garments, ensuring they remain comfortable and fashionable for many wears to come

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