How To Shrink A Hoodie?

To shrink a hoodie, first, check the care label for washing instructions. Wash the hoodie in hot water using a washing machine. Next, dry it on high heat in the dryer. Repeat these steps until you achieve the desired shrinkage. Remember, always follow the garment’s care guidelines to avoid damage.

Shrinking a hoodie is simple with the right steps. First, wash the hoodie in hot water. Next, dry it on high heat in the dryer. Repeat this process until you achieve the desired size. Be cautious not to over-shrink it.

To shrink a hoodie, wash it in hot water and dry it on high heat. Repeat the process if needed for further shrinkage. Be cautious as excessive heat may damage certain fabrics. Always check the garment’s care label for specific instructions.

Submerge in hot water

Submerge in hot water

The Evolution of the Hoodie is evident in the various methods used to care for it. To shrink a hoodie, submerge it in hot water. Make sure the water is hot enough to initiate the shrinking process effectively. Allow this hoodie to soak for a sufficient amount of time to ensure thorough shrinking.

After submerging the hoodie in hot water, closely monitor its size to avoid excessive shrinking. It’s essential to periodically check this hoodie’s dimensions during the process. Once you achieve the desired size, remove the hoodie from the water and let it air dry completely.

Place in boiling pot

Place in boiling pot
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Washing machine on hot

To shrink a hoodie, set your washing machine on hot. Heat helps the fabric contract, making the hoodie smaller. Remember, check the hoodie’s care label for washing instructions beforehand.

Once set, toss the hoodie in the machine and wait for the hot cycle to finish. Avoid overdrying to prevent damage. With hot water, your hoodie should shrink effectively, giving you the perfect fit.

Dryer on hottest setting

Dryer on hottest setting

To shrink a hoodie, set your dryer on the hottest setting. Make sure the hoodie is inside out to protect its color. Run the dryer for a full cycle to achieve the desired shrinkage. Remember not to overdo it to avoid damaging the fabric.

Be cautious with the material and follow care instructions. Always check the hoodie’s fabric composition before attempting to shrink it. With proper care and attention, shrinking a hoodie using the dryer’s hottest setting can yield satisfying results without compromising its quality.

Try on hoodie to see fit

Before attempting to shrink a hoodie, it’s essential to try it on to assess its fit accurately. Feeling how it sits on your shoulders and arms gives you a baseline understanding. When attempting to shrink a hoodie, remember that fit matters—it influences how the fabric conforms to your body.

To shrink a hoodie effectively, pay attention to its initial fit; it guides your expectations. Trying it on beforehand ensures you have a clear idea of how much shrinkage you desire. Always prioritize comfort and fit when considering alterations like shrinking a hoodie.

How to shrink a hoodie: quick tips

Wash in hot waterUse hot water in the washing machine to encourage shrinkage.
Dry on high heatDry the hoodie on a high-temperature setting to further shrink the fabric.
Monitor the processCheck the hoodie periodically during the shrinking process to avoid over-shrinking.
Consider fabric typeDifferent fabrics shrink differently; be mindful of the material of your hoodie.

How To Shrink A Hoodie With An Iron

To shrink a hoodie with an iron, first, set your iron to the cotton setting. Lay the hoodie flat on the ironing board. Then, spray the hoodie lightly with water. Iron over the hoodie, moving the iron in a circular motion to evenly distribute the heat. Keep checking the hoodie’s size until it reaches the desired shrinkage.

Be cautious not to over-shrink the hoodie; it’s better to go gradually. After ironing, let the hoodie cool completely before trying it on. Repeat the process if further shrinkage is needed, but remember, shrinking too much might affect the fit permanently.

1. Wet your hoodie with warm water to start the shrinking process

To begin shrinking your hoodie, dampen it with warm water. This step helps initiate the shrinking process by preparing the fabric. Once wet, gently massage the hoodie to ensure the water penetrates evenly throughout. Remember, gradual shrinking is key, so proceed with patience and care. Over time, you’ll notice your hoodie taking on a snugger fit, tailored to your liking.

2. Lay the wet hoodie down on an ironing board

After washing, lay the wet hoodie flat on an ironing board to prevent wrinkles. Smooth out any creases or folds to ensure even drying and easier ironing later. Position it carefully to avoid stretching or misshaping the fabric. This method helps maintain the hoodie’s shape and appearance for longer wear.

Allow the hoodie to air dry naturally on the ironing board, avoiding direct sunlight or heat sources. Patience ensures that the fabric dries evenly without damaging its fibers. Once dry, it will be ready for ironing or wearing, looking fresh and neatly pressed. This simple step preserves the quality of your hoodie for many wears to come.

3. Shrink your hoodie with the iron on medium

To shrink your hoodie, set your iron to medium heat. Lay the hoodie flat on an ironing board and gently press the iron over it. Keep the iron moving to avoid scorching and check the size periodically until you achieve the desired shrinkage. Enjoy your snug-fitting hoodie!

4. Apply moderate pressure on the iron on top of your hoodie

  • Position the iron on top of your hoodie fabric, ensuring it covers the area you want to press.
  • Apply moderate pressure with the iron, pressing down evenly across the fabric.
  • Move the iron in smooth, steady motions to ensure even heat distribution and effective pressing.
  • Avoid applying too much pressure, which could damage the fabric or create unwanted creases.
  • Check the fabric’s care instructions to ensure it can withstand ironing and to determine the appropriate temperature setting.
  • Lift the iron periodically to check the progress and adjust pressure or temperature as needed.
  • Repeat the process as necessary until the desired level of smoothness or crease removal is achieved.
  • Allow the fabric to cool and set before wearing or handling to prevent wrinkles from forming.

5. Iron the hoodie until most of the water evaporates away

After washing, the hoodie feels damp. By ironing it, the excess moisture disappears. The heat helps the water evaporate, leaving the hoodie dry and smooth.

Ironing removes wrinkles from the hoodie. As the iron glides over the fabric, steam rises, signaling the water’s evaporation. The hoodie transforms from damp to dry, ready to wear again.

6. Once dry, let the shrunken hoodie cool and try it on

After washing and drying your shrunken hoodie, allow it some time to cool down. Patience is key to achieving the desired fit, so resist the urge to try it on immediately. Once it’s completely cool, slip into your revamped hoodie and enjoy the comfortable, snug fit you’ve achieved.

How to shrink a hoodie with an iron: quick tips

How to shrink a hoodie with an iron
1. Wash HoodieStart by washing your hoodie in hot water and detergent.
2. Dry HoodieAfter washing, tumble dry the hoodie on high heat.
3. Prepare IronHeat your iron to the highest setting suitable for the fabric.
4. Iron HoodieLay the hoodie flat and press the iron over areas to shrink.
5. Allow CoolingLet the shrunken hoodie cool down completely before trying it on.
6. Try OnOnce cooled, try on the hoodie to ensure the desired fit.
7. Repeat if NecessaryRepeat the process if further shrinkage is desired.


Can you shrink a hoodie that’s too big?

Yes, you can shrink a hoodie that’s too big by washing it in hot water and drying it on high heat.

Do hoodies shrink in the wash?

Yes, hoodies can shrink in the wash, especially if exposed to hot water and high heat in the dryer.

How do you shrink a sweatshirt without ruining it?

To shrink a sweatshirt without ruining it, use warm water and low heat in the dryer, or consider spot shrinking with a garment steamer.

What to do if the hoodie is too small?

If the hoodie is too small, consider stretching it gently while damp or exchanging it for a larger size.

What to do if the hoodie is too big?

If the hoodie is too big, try washing and drying it using hot water and high heat settings to shrink it to a more suitable size.


Learning how to shrink a hoodie is a straightforward process that can be accomplished with a few simple steps. By following the proper techniques such as washing the hoodie in hot water. drying it on high heat, and using an iron if necessary, one can effectively shrink their hoodie to achieve a better fit. It’s important to remember to check the care label and fabric type before attempting to shrink a hoodie. as certain materials may not respond well to heat and could be damaged in the process.

Overall, shrinking a hoodie allows individuals to customize their clothing for a more comfortable and snug fit. With patience and attention to detail, anyone can successfully shrink their hoodie and enjoy wearing it with confidence. Whether it’s for fashion or practicality, knowing how to shrink a hoodie can extend the lifespan of the garment and enhance the wearer’s style.

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