What are Common Defenses Used by Insurance Companies in Personal Injury Cases? 

If there is an injury due to someone else’s negligence, then it makes a personal injury case. In this case, the injured person can get compensation for their injury from the negligent party. However, there is a significant role of insurance companies in this where they will try to reduce the compensation amount from the negligent party’s side.

Insurance companies present various defenses in personal injury cases. In this article we will discuss what are common defenses used by insurance companies in personal injury cases in South Miami. You can consult any expert South Miami personal injury lawyer who can tell you in detail about how to deal with the insurance company’s defenses.

What is the Insurance Company’s Game Plan? 

Insurance companies have to pay from the negligent party’s side, and therefore, they try to reduce or reject the compensation amount in personal injury cases. They have various legal defenses to minimize injury claims and protect their profits at any expense. So, you have to understand this game plan to claim fair compensation from the insurance company.

What are Common Defenses Used by Insurance Companies in Personal Injury Cases? 

  • You will be blamed partly: Insurance companies will try to blame you to some extent and share the fault in the incident that harmed you. For instance, if there is a car accident case, then they will argue that you were also speeding or distracted while driving. If it is proven that you are partly at fault, the compensation amount will be reduced, and you will not receive your due fairly.
  • You were already hurt: It is also one of the common defenses of the insurance companies in which they try to blame you for being injured and this accident was not the cause of the injury. For this they might investigate your medical history to know about your prior health conditions. They try to create doubt about the injuries suggesting that the accident is not the cause of the injury and thus the compensation is required.
  • You don’t have enough proof: In some cases insurance companies may challenge the strength of your evidence because if there is no sufficient evidence to prove the guilt of the negligent party, then the insurance company can take advantage of this. They will claim that you have not provided enough proof to demonstrate that the accident and the injuries are due to the negligence of their client.

So, these are some of the common defenses that insurance companies use in personal injury cases. You should be very careful about such defenses and consult your attorney about how to deal with such claims and also claim your fair compensation.

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