Tucker Carlson’s Wife Heiress Net Worth

TV host and political commentator Tucker Carlson has become a puzzling figure in the media landscape. While much is known about his journalism career, not as many details have surfaced regarding his spouse and her financial standing. However, that is about to change as we explore Carlson’s wife, her status as a heiress, and what her inheritance has meant for their family life and wealth.

Tucker Carlson Story & Bio

Tucker Carlson Story & Bio

Tucker Carlson first embarked on a career in journalism in the 1990s when he started working for an Arkansas newspaper. He quickly increased the media ranks, snagging roles at prominent magazines like The Weekly Standard and Esquire. His television break came in the 2000s when he became a frequent face on CNN, PBS, and MSNBC.

Yet Carlson’s most well-known media job has been hosting various shows on Fox News from 2009 to 2022. He was known for his extremely conservative stances, often making controversial comments that landed him in hot water. After being let go from Fox, his future remains to be determined. However, with decades in major broadcasting, Tucker has made quite a name (and net worth) for himself.

Background of Susan Andrews

Compared to her spotlight-adjacent husband, Susan Andrews Carlson tends to keep private. She comes from a well-to-do family, with sources referring to her as an “heiress.” Details remain slim concerning her upbringing and financial status before meeting Tucker.

Susan has yet to seek fame or attention on her own. Rather, any information about her originates from her marriage to the high-profile Carlson. While mystery surrounds Susan’s early years, her relationship with Tucker has been thoroughly in the public eye for decades.

Relationship Status: Tucker Carlson and His Heiress Wife

Tucker and Susan’s romance traces back to their teenage years at a Rhode Island boarding school. The two reconnected years later and married in 1991 when Tucker was 22, and Susan was 30.

Throughout their decades-long marriage, Susan has been her husband’s backbone, supporting him at every turn, especially when controversies mounted. During low points like Tucker’s firing from Fox News in 2022, Susan never doubted him.

They’ve raised four kids together and made their home base in Washington D.C., avoiding too much fame invasion. Susan has focused primarily on family through life’s highs and lows.

Take A Dig into Tucker Carlson’s Personal Life

On camera and in print, Tucker Carlson has created a personal brand as a smug, bowtie-wearing conservative. He never shies from sharing his unfiltered opinions on sociopolitical issues that often generate backlash. However, Carlson is described off-screen as devoted to his wife and children.

While his career revolves around creating combustible commentary, Carlson’s home life seems tranquil. He does not speak publicly much about Susan or their kids together, perhaps preferring to keep their private bonds just that. But from what little has come out, Tucker cherishes their quiet family existence outside his muckraking professional persona.

Meet Susan Andrews Carlson

So, who exactly is Susan Andrews Carlson? Well, details about her early days are scarce to dig up. We know she comes from East Coast old money, born into a well-to-do Rhode Island family. Her father was Reverend George E. Andrews II, who headed the St. George’s boarding school she and Tucker attended.

Susan was part of a privileged, educated clan, which explains her heiress designation. Like Tucker, she was raised religiously under a prominent community leader father. But apart from that, Susan’s youth, family relations, and education have largely avoided media coverage.

That may be just how Susan prefers it. Since becoming Tucker’s wife, Susan Andrews Carlson has guarded her privacy fiercely.

Susan Andrews Carlson’s Early Life, Family, Education & Her Career

As mentioned, Susan was born in Providence, Rhode Island, to an elite family. Her father, Reverend Andrews, headed the tony boarding institution, St. George’s School, which would play a pivotal role in Susan’s future.

Susan’s childhood home life and educational background were steeped in affluence and Ivy League aims. After graduating high school, Susan attended Columbia University in New York City. She studied art history, perhaps harboring early creative aspirations.

However, since marrying Tucker in 1991, Susan has taken on a quieter existence, her earlier ambitions fading into the background. Over the years, her attention has been devoted to raising the couple’s four children more than advancing a vibrant career.

Tucker is the shining star, professionally, while Susan assumes the quintessential supportive wife part. She manages the homestead from afar, her future forever tied to her husband’s notoriety.

Susan Andrews: The Philanthropist

Though Susan Andrews Carlson avoids the spotlight, she has been involved extensively with nonprofit charity work. She sits on multiple philanthropic boards in Washington, D.C., like the Potomac School Board of Trustees.

Additionally, Susan is the President of the Friends of the National Cathedral School and Friends of Saint Anselms Abbey, showing her dedication to community, culture, and education.

Tucker and Susan’s Net Worth

By all accounts, Tucker Carlson and their wife, Susan Andrews, share an extremely comfortable financial existence. Exact net worth estimates fluctuate depending on the source. However, Tucker is said to make $8 million annually from his Fox News show. Factoring in residuals from his books and other gigs, Carlson’s net worth likely hovers near $30 million.

As for heiress Susan, her inherited riches also place her net worth in the solid multi-millionaire territory. Plenty of speculation puts her take at $4 to 6 million at minimum. This power couple enjoys the fruits of Tucker’s lucrative media stardom with an extra boost from Susan’s family wealth.

Furthermore, shared investments from their marriage may significantly multiply the couple’s assets. Their three-decade financial partnership affords them fantastic, lasting security from real estate to bank accounts and stocks.

The Social Media Presence of Susan Andrews

Media Presence of Susan Andrews

Unlike many celeb-adjacent spouses, Susan Andrews Carlson avoids social media completely. She does not appear to have any personal accounts of her own. This reinforces how intensely she values keeping the focus away from herself and protecting family privacy.

With zero online presence, Susan prefers her philanthropic good deeds to be under the radar. Considering Tucker’s constant battles in the public eye, it is understandable that Susan wishes to remain discreet lest she face backlash. Staying out of the digital realm altogether has surely granted her greater peace.

Interesting Facts

  • Tucker Carlson has worked in media/journalism since the 1990s with an estimated net worth of $30 million.
  • His wife, Susan Andrews Carlson, comes from family money as an heiress
  • Tucker and Susan met at boarding school as teens and married in 1991
  • They have 4 children together and split their time between Florida and Washington, D.C.
  • Susan is very involved in D.C. area philanthropic foundations
  • Combined, Tucker & Susan have amassed an impressive net worth financially

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Who was Tucker Carlson’s first wife?

Tucker Carlson’s first and current wife is Susan Andrews. He has not been married previously. Susan Andrews is his only wife.

Who was Susan Andrews married to?  

Susan Andrews married Tucker Carlson in 1991. He is her first and only husband so far.

Who is Tucker’s wife?

Tucker Carlson’s wife is Susan Andrews Carlson. They wed in 1991.

Does Tucker have kids?

Yes, Tucker Carlson and wife, Susan, have four children together – three daughters and one son. Their names are Lillie, Hopie, Dorothy, and Buckley Carlson.


In the ongoing saga of opinionated conservative pundit Tucker Carlson’s career, his wife, Susan Andrews Carlson, plays an intriguing supporting role outside the public eye. As an educated heiress devoted to philanthropy over fame, Susan maintains distance from the volatility of Tucker’s work.

With grace and patience, Susan provides her husband and kids a haven at home, relying on anonymity rather than attention. After 30+ years together, the genuine connection between Tucker and Susan perseveres, suggesting all that matters rests behind the camera.

Though details about Susan’s inner life stay scarce, her steadfast partnership with Tucker through his ups and downs speaks volumes. Wherever Tucker’s path may lead next, self-effacing Susan will likely prefer to walk it quietly by his side, away from drama. Their understated romance remains securely off-screen.


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