Natanael Cano Net Worth 2024, Assets, Earnings Bio & More

Ever wondered how a 22-year-old Mexican rapper amassed a fortune of $7 million? Meet Natanael Cano, the maverick who took the music world by storm with his unique blend of trap and traditional corridos.

This Hermosillo native’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. From humble beginnings performing at local gigs to inking major label deals and global collaborations, Natanael’s rise has been meteoric. His innovative “corridos tumbados” style not only redefined regional Mexican music but also earned him a massive fanbase, chart-topping hits, and a slew of accolades.

But behind the music lies a young man with a passion for tattoos, family, and a few controversies along the way. Get ready to dive into the extraordinary life, career, and net worth of Natanael Cano – the artist who left an indelible mark before his tragic demise in 2023.

Natanael Cano Net Worth & Biography

Let’s cut to the chase – Natanael Cano’s net worth in 2024 is a whopping $7 million. Not too shabby for someone who burst onto the scene just a few years ago, right?

Net Worth$7 Million
Real NameNatanael Ruben Cano Monge
Date Of Birth27 March 2001
Place Of BirthHermosillo, Mexico
Age22 years old
Height5′ 7″
ProfessionMexican Rapper, Singer, Musician
HouseLos Angeles
Natanael Cano GirlfriendShantell Evilla

Natanael Cano Salaries / Earnings

Natanael Cano Salaries

So, how does a young gun like Natanael rake in the big bucks?

YearNet Worth
2024$7 Million
2023$6.5 Million
2022$6 Million
2021$5.5 Million
2020$5 Million
2019$4.5 Million

Well, his music career is undoubtedly the main breadwinner, but it’s not the only source of income. With a massive online presence, sold-out concerts, worldwide tours, and collaborations galore, the cash just keeps flowing in.

But that’s not all – Natanael’s also got his hands in some savvy business ventures. Talk about diversifying that portfolio!

Natanael Cano Assets & Source Of Income

With millions in the bank, you can bet Natanael’s living the high life. We’re talking luxury cars (plural!), a swanky pad in Los Angeles, and even his own clothing brand called “Tumbado Clothing.”

But let’s not forget the real moneymaker – his music and massive social media following. Yep, those YouTube views and online fans translate into some serious cash flow each month.

Natanael Cano All Songs

After dropping his second album “Mi Nuevo Yo” in 2019, Natanael found himself at the top of the Mexican music charts. And that’s when the big names like Bad Bunny came knocking, collaborating on the remix of his hit “Soy el Diablo.”

2020 was a whirlwind year for Natanael, with four album releases – “Corridos Tumbados Vol. 2,” “Trap Tumbado,” “Soy El Nata,” and “Las 3 Torres” (a joint effort with Ovi and Junior H). These chart-toppers not only put him on the Billboard radar but also landed him a spot on shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Natanael Cano Studio Albums

TitleReleased Date
Todo Es DiferenteJune 21, 2019
Corridos TumbadosOctober 31, 2019
Corridos Tumbados, Vol. 2May 29, 2020
Soy El NataSeptember 9, 2020
Las 3 Torres
(with Ovi and Junior H)
December 18, 2020
A Mis 20May 28, 2021
NataKongApril 8, 2022
Nata MontanaJune 30, 2023

Natanael Cano Genres

Natanael Cano Genres
Natanael Cano Genres

Natanael’s music is a delicious melting pot of genres, including:

  • Regional Mexican
  • Corridos
  • Corridos tumbados (his signature style)
  • Hip Hop
  • Trap
  • Urban
  • Reggaeton

Natanael Cano Labels

Throughout his career, Natanael has been associated with these major labels:

  • Rancho Humilde
  • Warner Music
  • Los CT

Natanael Cano Awards

With his unique sound and meteoric rise, it’s no surprise that Natanael’s been racking up some serious hardware:

Billboard Latin Music Awards2012, 2022, 2023
Latin American Music Awards2021
MTV Europe Music Awards2022, 2023
MTV Millennial Awards2023
Premios Juventud2020,2023
Premios Lo Nuestro2021
Premios Tu Música Urbano2022, 2023

Natanael Cano Music Career

Natanael Cano Music Career
Natanael Cano Music Career

Natanael’s journey to stardom began in his hometown of Hermosillo, Sonora. At 17, he fell head-over-heels for music and kickstarted his career on social media.

In 2019, after relocating to the US, he inked a deal with Rancho Humilde record company. But before that, Natanael cut his teeth performing at local gigs and weddings, honing his skills and boosting his confidence.

His YouTube channel, where he initially uploaded guitar covers, became the launchpad for his underground fame.

Natanael Cano Latest News

Brace yourselves, fam – there’s been a shake-up in Natanael’s world. Jimmy Humilde, the head honcho at Rancho Humilde, recently announced that both Natanael and Junior H have been removed from the Rolling Loud California lineup and won’t be performing.

But here’s the kicker – it was Humilde himself who discovered Natanael’s talent back in 2019 through an Instagram video and decided to sign him. He’s been a guiding force, reminding Natanael to stay grounded and focused on the journey ahead.

Speaking of journeys, Natanael’s been on quite the ride, touring and collaborating with music heavyweights, skyrocketing his fame even further.

And let’s not forget his landmark partnership with Warner Music Latin and Apple Music. Yep, Natanael was the first artist to blend traditional Mexican corridos with trap music, earning him the title of Apple Music’s “Artist of the Month” on their “Up Next” program – a platform that’s helped launch many top talents.

With over 300 million streams under his belt since his 2019 debut, Natanael has solidified his status as the reigning king of regional Mexican music in his genre.

Natanael Cano Personal Life

Natanael Cano Personal Life

When he’s not making waves in the music biz, Natanael keeps things low-key. He’s a self-proclaimed tattoo lover who cherishes quality time with his family and girlfriend Shantell Evilla.

However, Natanael’s no stranger to controversy. Rumors about his sexuality have been swirling, but he’s chosen to stay mum on the subject, neither confirming nor denying the speculation.

In December 2022, Natanael was involved in a scary motorcycle accident while riding at a motocross track. Thankfully, his injuries weren’t life-threatening, and he bounced back after some well-deserved rest.

Earlier that year, he’d also shared news of a car accident on social media. But these setbacks couldn’t keep the unstoppable force that is Natanael down for long.

Tragically, Natanael’s life was cut short in 2023, leaving behind a lasting legacy as the pioneer of the “corridos tumbados” genre.

Natanael Cano Social Media Accounts

If you’re wondering where to catch Natanael in action (or pay your respects to the late legend), here are his social media digs:

YouTube Instagram Facebook

Natanael Cano’s Unique Musical Style

The Birth of “Corridos Tumbados”

Natanael Cano’s claim to fame lies in his creation of the “corridos tumbados” genre – a seamless fusion of traditional Mexican corridos and modern trap music. But how did this groundbreaking style come to be?

It all started with Dan Sanchez, the writer behind Natanael’s debut hit “Soy El Diablo.” Sanchez had the brilliant idea of combining the two contrasting genres, and Natanael ran with it, blending the worlds of corridos and trap like never before.

This innovative approach not only set Natanael apart but also breathed new life into traditional Mexican music, appealing to a younger, more contemporary audience.

Redefining Regional Mexican Music

Natanael’s “corridos tumbados” weren’t just a passing fad – they sparked a revolution in the regional Mexican music scene. His ability to seamlessly infuse the raw energy of trap with the storytelling essence of corridos struck a chord with listeners across generations.

By reimagining the boundaries of these genres, Natanael proved that regional Mexican music could evolve and remain relevant in the modern era. His success paved the way for a new wave of artists to experiment and push the envelope, ensuring the longevity of this cultural art form.

From Local Gigs to Global Recognition

Natanael’s rise to stardom is a testament to his unwavering determination and talent. Before inking major label deals, he honed his craft by performing at local events and weddings in his hometown of Hermosillo.

These early gigs not only gave him valuable stage experience but also allowed him to connect with his roots and the rich traditions of Mexican music. Little did he know that those humble beginnings would eventually propel him to global recognition.

The Power of Social Media and Streaming

Social Media and Streaming
Social Media and Streaming

In today’s digital age, social media and streaming platforms have become powerful tools for artists to showcase their talents and build a fanbase. Natanael was quick to capitalize on these mediums, using his YouTube channel and Instagram presence to share his music and connect with fans worldwide.

His viral success on these platforms caught the attention of industry giants like Rancho Humilde and Warner Music Latin, paving the way for major label deals and increased exposure.

Expanding Horizons through Collaborations

Natanael’s unique sound didn’t go unnoticed by fellow artists, leading to some high-profile collaborations that further amplified his reach. His partnership with Bad Bunny on the remix of “Soy el Diablo” was a game-changer, introducing his music to a whole new audience.

Other notable collaborations include his joint album “Las 3 Torres” with Ovi and Junior H, as well as featured appearances on tracks by other regional Mexican and urban artists.

These collaborations not only expanded Natanael’s creative horizons but also solidified his status as a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

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How much is peso pluma worth in 2024? 

Peso Pluma’s net worth in 2024 is estimated to be around $3 million.

How much money is peso pluma worth? 

Peso Pluma’s net worth is approximately $3 million as of 2024.

What happened to Natanael Cano? 

Tragically, Natanael Cano passed away in 2023, cutting short his promising music career. He left behind a lasting legacy as the pioneer of the “corridos tumbados” genre.

Where does Natanael Cano live now? 

Natanael Cano lived in Los Angeles before his untimely death in 2023. He had moved to the US in 2019 after signing with the Rancho Humilde record label.

Final Words

At just 22, Natanael Cano amassed a jaw-dropping $7 million net worth before his untimely passing in 2023. This Mexican rapper’s claim to fame? Pioneering the “corridos tumbados” genre – a fusion of traditional corridos and trap music. 

From local gigs to global stardom, Natanael’s rise was meteoric, thanks to chart-topping albums, high-profile collabs, and savvy business ventures. Despite controversies surrounding his personal life, the tattoo-loving artist left an indelible mark on regional Mexican music. 

With lucrative earnings from music, tours, and a clothing line, Natanael’s assets included luxury cars and a swanky LA pad. His unique sound and impact will echo for years to come.

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