Best Free Movie Streaming Platforms That You Should Know In 2024

Whether it’s the latest release or a classic title, you won’t be able to find all movies under one roof of any streaming platform. That’s why you should have online free movie streaming platforms so that you can cater to your binge-watching needs.

Fortunately, we’re sharing some of these below that will make it easier for you to stream movies without the hassle of finding them on different streaming platforms. However, one thing to note is that these streaming sites do require a stable and speedy internet connection to run your show uninterruptedly.

Hence, ensure that you have a reliable internet connection. For that, we recommend checking out Xfinity Internet Deals for the best plans with amazing speed tiers to cater to your streaming needs. With this settled, let’s dive into our list of the best free movie streaming platforms:


This streaming platform is sponsored by Sony and features tons of content that you can stream. It’s also referred to as Sony Crackle and brings a variety of content with its vast library. What’s more is that it not only features free movies to stream but also shows, which makes it quite a compelling choice.

Apart from this, you have content from productions including MGM, Sony Pictures, Lionsgate, etc. As a free platform, it does have ads; however, they’re not too intrusive and won’t hinder your streaming experience.

Compared with other options, Crackle’s interface is clean and easy to use, making navigation a breeze. Plus, you can also enjoy productions from Sony on this platform without breaking a sweat!


Earlier we mentioned that with a free streaming platform, you’re bound to face ads. However, if you’re looking for a platform with minimal ads, then Tubi is the right choice for your needs. Not only does it minimize ads but also comes with a decent content library that you can stream.

Another compelling element about it is that it takes great care in terms of the legitimacy of the content streamed. Hence, if you’re worried that you’re streaming illegally, then Tubi will take your worries away.

However, there’s one catch, the platform is only available for users in the US. Hence, you’ll need a good VPN to stream content from this platform. But if you have a good internet and VPN on your side, then streaming content Tubi will be fun!

Pluto TV

With an ever-growing list of free content, Pluto TV is another amazing candidate in our list of the best free streaming platforms for movies. Paramount owns and operates this platform, which makes it a credible choice for streaming needs.

In terms of streaming, you’ll find titles from Paramount as well as other popular titles available in several languages. Moreover, you’ll find various genres of movies and shows that will keep you hooked to the platform.

Another amazing thing is that various devices including PS5, Apple TV, Xbox, and other streaming platforms support it. Hence, you won’t need to get any additional subscription or tools to run it.


This platform is a great choice for those that are looking for free content from Amazon Prime. All you need to do is to create a free Amazon account and then you can use Freevee to stream content without any issue.

Speaking of which, Freevee is only good for popular movies and shows. Hence, if you’re looking for the latest releases or classics, then this platform might not be it. But it still holds some pretty decent titles in its catalog, including Mad Men, Fifty Shades, etc., and some of the originals including America’s Test Kitchen, Hotel for the Holidays, etc.

Either way, it’s still a good free streaming platform that features a good catalog and can somewhat meet your entertainment needs.


With an extensive movie library with 4K supported streaming, Vudu is here to compete! Again, it’s not ad-free; however, the watch experience is compelling and surely makes it easier to watch the content.

Speaking of which, the library holds great titles, even if it’s not as extensive as the rest. In addition, you can get access to the latest shows and releases. However, in order to stream those, you’ll have to rent them. So, that’s somewhat its downside.

But it does offer more such as the classics that are free to stream on the platform, and since it’s offering 4K streaming, Vudu is certainly worth giving a shot.


AZMovies is another gem in this category. Even though the platform is stormed by popups, it still offers free streaming content, no matter if it’s the latest release, classic or the popular ones. Hence, for someone looking to find movies from their childhood or looking to watch the latest ones, this site is really great.

But know this it only features movies, not TV shows, which is why it’s a paradise for movie enthusiasts. Overall, the streaming experience is somewhat great but because of a lot of ad popups, it can be disturbing.

Also, it doesn’t offer multiple streaming servers like the other sites; hence, if the available server isn’t streaming, then you just have to wait until the issue gets fixed. 


We know that popups and ads can really be frustrating especially if they bother your streaming. But FlixTor fixes it for you by bringing an ad-free interface. Not only this, it also offers the latest releases that you can stream without any hassle.

What’s amazing is the catalog that covers content from Hollywood to Bollywood. The only thing you need to be concerned about is the quality because in some cases, the latest released tiers are theater-recorded; hence, streaming without a license can be a wee bit problematic.

Apart from that, you should also use a VPN so that popup ads don’t bother you and that you can maintain anonymity while using the site in case you want to stream unlicensed content (though you shouldn’t).

Closing Thoughts

Well, there you have it! With so many free movie streaming sites, you can now watch the latest releases, classics, and more without any hassle. Ensure that you’re using a good internet connection so that the content can be streamed without any buffering, and binge-watch movies on the go!

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